Why seeing a therapist, isn't a weakness.

Updated: Jan 10

There is something about the British sensibility that means talking to a therapist is seen as a weakness. That if you were strong you wouldn’t need a one.

It's okay to see a therapist and it’s certainly not a weakness.

It takes strength to:

Prioritise your Self-Care

When talking about self-care, particular on social media, people often picture someone pampering in a bubble bath, or going out with friends. But seeing a therapist is also self-care because you are taking the time to prioritise your mental health and yourself.

Identify you have a problem

Being aware enough to have the insight that you might need professional help is not easy to achieve. It takes much bravery and strength to look within yourself, ask how you are feeling, and if you can handle the struggles that you carry every day.

Confront emotions

Pretending like there isn’t anything bothering you and acting nonchalant can prevent movement and authenticity. Taking action when you feel discomfort around your emotions takes strength.

A lot of clients worry that they might only be “talking” in a one-hour session when they could be doing other productive things instead, like doing the laundry or buying groceries. Let me tell you that it is the most productive act you can take for yourself.

If you are looking for counselling, I offer online counselling and if you live in the Cirencester, Stroud or Tetbury you can visit me in person for a 1-2-1 session at my clinic in Malmesbury.

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