What is depression and are there different types of depression?

What is depression?

Depression is a low mood that can last for a sustained period and affects your everyday life. If mild it can mean you have low spirits. It may not stop you from leading a normal life but it can make things harder. When most severe, depression can be life-threatening and make you feel suicidal.

When can low mood turn to depression?

If the feelings are interfering with your life and don't go away after a couple of weeks, or if they come back over and over again for a few days at a time, it could be a sign that you're experiencing depression.

Common signs and symptoms of depression

You might feel

• upset, tearful, or down

• restless or irritable

• worthless and down on yourself

• empty and numb

• isolated and unable to relate to other people

• finding no pleasure in life or things you usually enjoy

• a sense of unreality

• no self-confidence or self-esteem

• hopeless and despairing

• suicidal.

What types of depression are there?

You can have mild, moderate, or severe depression. There are also specific depression types such as:

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – a depression that occurs at a particular time of year, or during a particular season.

Dysthymia – Also called a persistent depressive disorder or chronic depression. This is a mild depression that lasts for two years or more.

Prenatal depression – a depression that occurs during pregnancy. This is sometimes also called antenatal depression.

Postnatal depression (PND) – a depression that occurs in the first year after giving birth.

Bipolar disorder is manic depression - The cycles can be short or very long-lasting for several weeks or even months. There are four major categories of bipolar disorder: Bipolar I disorder and bipolar II disorder. The third is Cyclothymic disorder and the fourth is a bipolar disorder due to another medical or substance abuse disorder.

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