Small steps to take to help with depression

For those that are depressed or have experienced depression you’ll know the feeling of slipping into a spiral of depression. Where motivation to do the simplest of tasks takes everything you have. When spiralling especially when it comes to depression, going down is hard to stop, and once at the bottom, reversing the spiral takes intention and support.

Outlined below are simple steps you can take to slowly help you if you are experiencing this spiral.

Take it slow

Let's talk about what you should expect of yourself. It's important to take this process slowly. Be kind to yourself and give yourself praise as much as you can. As the saying goes:

“Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible”.

Seek the light

Both daylight and night release hormones that are helpful to your body.

Sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. It is associated with not only boosting mood but also helping a person feel calm and focused. At night, darker lighting triggers the brain to make another hormone called melatonin. This hormone is responsible for helping you sleep.

Look for mood boasting food

Focus your diet on fresh and whole foods that are high in nutrients. Where you can limit processed refined foods, sweets, and fried food, including junk food: as they can result in mood swing behaviours.

Talk to yourself in a positive way.

The way you talk to yourself can really impact your confidence. Use your inner voice wisely. and reframe the way you talk to yourself. It’s a simple trick that can have a big impact on your everyday life.

Keep your sleep consistent

Sleeping (and how you sleep) is so important to your mental health.

- Have a consistent bed time and awake time - Only use your bed for sleeping - Relax before you go to bed, read a book - Limit your screen time before bed

Find someone you can talk to

That could mean talking to a friend or family relative. Somebody you feel you are really able to open up to without feeling judged.

Talk therapy is also a highly effective treatment for depression, even though it may be the last thing you’d want to do. A lot of men don’t like the idea of talking about feelings and emotions. That’s okay – talk therapy can still work because there’s a lot more to depression than feelings. Thoughts, behaviours, and lifestyle issues all play a role in depression, and a therapist can work with you to focus on whichever of these elements may be holding you back.

Find an exercise that works for you

Being depressed can leave you feeling low in energy, which might put you off being more active.

Regular exercise can boost your mood if you have depression, and it's especially useful for people with mild to moderate depression.

I suggest the exercise you do, needs to be something you enjoy otherwise it will be hard to find the motivation to do regularly.

Face your fears

Facing fear is one of the great challenges in life, and not facing fear is a great cause of depression. Whenever fear wins, it gets stronger. And whenever people give in to fear they feel less able, less competent, less positive about themselves, i.e., more depressed.

Celebrate the small wins.

Concentrate on your wins not your failures. Frame your mind to concentrate on the positive and not the negative.

If you'd like to speak to someone about how to get your depression under control then give me a call.

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