Returning to the new normal making you feel anxious?

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Returning to the new normal making you feel anxious? You are not alone “Lets catch up for BBQ soon." Your friend texts you.

“I'd love that. Let's try and pop in a date.” You text back, the knot in your

stomach growing. Sound familiar? As the U.K. vaccination rate increases and COVID-19 rates decrease, the question on everyone’s mind is “When will things go back to normal?” Then there's a second set of people asking themselves “Why am I so nervous about this?” Over the last year, our brains have been rewired. What was once normal (comforting even), going to the gym, eating out, or visiting loved ones now feels unsafe. Our brains have been conditioned to believe the outside world is dangerous. Even as the outside world becomes a safer place, our brains haven't caught up yet. It's no wonder that after a year of foregoing normal life, you might feel anxious about returning to it. You are certainly not alone if you feel anxious. There are techniques that you can employ to help you with your post covid anxiety.

If this article rings true to you and you are looking for help, then please contact us and we can discuss how counselling sessions can help you. We work with clients all across Gloucestershire. Our clinic is based in Malmesbury, we are conveniently located between Cirencester (25mins) and Tetbury (10mins).

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